Energy Saving

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    Save energy on your premises today. Lichfield Electrical electricians can help provide energy efficient appliances and installations.


Energy Saving

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Energy saving is not only a way of reducing carbon footprints, but also a huge benefit to saving money.

Energy saving products

  • LED lighting
  • High frequency light fittings
  • Sensor controls (replacing light switches)

Free Energy Survey

Lichfield Electrical can provide you with:

  • Free energy survey at your premises.
  • An estimate of the cost savings you could make.

Our electricians will provide a survey with details of your current power consumption compared to using high frequency light fittings with sensor control. It will also provide an illustration of the total cost outlay and the time taken to pay for this in reduced energy costs. The solutions usually pay for themselves in less than 24 months.

Please contact us for a free survey and estimate.



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